February 25 horoscope

February 25 Horoscope | Famous Birthdays

Due to the influence of the patronizing planet of Saturn, the people born on this day are very independent in nature. They always have their own opinion and they rarely deviate from it. Very attentive interlocutors. They are often asked for advice. Nevertheless, they themselves never consult with anyone.

Sun enters Sagittarius

They achieve everything themselves and are very proud of it. In their life, not everything develops easily and smoothly. Often they have to step over significant obstacles.

Birthday Horoscope February 25th

They have great self-esteem. They are very attentive to themselves. Health, proper nutrition for people and their appearance is of great importance to them. Much of what they do is not disinterested. They always try to emphasize their importance, wishing that the world revolves around them. Not rarely reaching adulthood, they begin to increase their knowledge.

They are fond of religion or astrology. Always sure that everything in life does not happen just like that. Often, they are so addicted that they break away from reality. It is practically impossible to convince them to change their point of view. Are you absorbing the dreamy, sultry vibes of Pisces season? Is your imagination on fire and your heart full of compassion?

Lucky color

When the sun is in Pisces, the world is brimming with spiritual energy and it's time to trust the road less traveled. If you've been feeling overwhelmed by all the sensitivity, you're in luck, because your February 25, weekly horoscope is the rest you've been waiting for. The most major astrological transit this week is that Venus — planet of love and luxury — will enter Aquarius on Mar. The air will buzz with intellectual and artistic connection.

It's the social boost everyone's been needing, especially with so much emotional energy from Pisces swirling through the universe. Also, the sun will be forming a sextile with courageous, energized, and sexual Mars on Feb. This will bless you with self-love and inspire you to go after your desires without any doubt or fear to hold you back.

Daily horoscope for Monday, February 25, 12222

Allow this to emphasize the journey you're currently embarking on and push you to make a brave move. No matter what, you'll be glad you did.

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However, don't get too carried away, because after all, Mercury retrograde begins next week and we're currently sitting in a pre-retrograde shadow. You may be experiencing the initial moments of confusion and foresight already. With Venus now lavishing in your 11th house of friends, your social life is glittering with love and good vibes.

Let your heart be consumed with caring for others and making the world a better place.

With Mars in your house of finance forming a sextile with the sun in your spirituality house, you're realizing that you are safe and surrounded by abundance. Venus is now flirting through your 10th house of career, making everyone notice just how fabulous and competent you are. Opportunity and recognition will be flowing your way. As the sun in your friendship house forms a sextile with Mars in your first house of the self, you're feeling confident in your social environments and true to yourself. Your ninth house of adventure and philosophy is being loved by Venus, encouraging you to spice up your life with spontaneity and culture.

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You're flying away and everyone loves you for it. With Mars in your spirituality house forming a sextile with the sun in your career house, you're intuitively receiving important and energizing insight from within. Venus is in your eighth house of death and rebirth and it's opening you up to a deeper level of intimacy and sexuality. You're oozing romantic vibes and everyone is intrigued by your mystery.

Weekly Horoscope for 6 Zodiac Signs February 25 to March 3, 2018

As Mars in your friendship house forms a sextile with the sun in your adventure house, you're meeting new people in beautiful places and loving every minute of it. Venus is right in its sweet spot as it spreads the love throughout your seventh house of partnerships.