March 2 sagittarius birthday horoscope

While there could be chaos in the love department of life, your career path is looking much more promising. You should anticipate growth and take positive steps forward. You are laying the groundwork and foundation down from changes that you have gone through in the past couple of years. The transitions you are making are for the best. You are still gaining life experience and learning this birthday year. The first quarter of will set you on track for a busy, yet productive year.

In early , your energy is sky high and helps to set the tone for a positive year at work. Your relationships with other employees are strengthening in the coming months.

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If you are still generally new to your organization or position, the work relationships you have developed are coming in handy. There could be some tension that is unrelated to you personally at work. This environmental stress reaches a peak in June It will be important to stay out of it, and not take sides if you can help it.


Think about what is best for you. If you don't believe in taking a stand against your boss just because the guy in the cubicle next to you does, then don't. Stick to your guns on this, for your instincts will be leading you in the right direction. Those who work in construction, design, and creative industries will fair the best this birthday year. Financially, you are trying to keep up from any big purchases that were made in the last year. With good fortune at work, you should be able to make ends meet. Temptations will arise, and you will have to keep yourself in check to keep the debt from accumulating too high.

You may not be on the market for a major purchase, like a car or house, but you are happy and satisfied with what you have. Appreciating what you do have is truly important. Random good luck will be on your side this birthday year, so you may be able to score some surprise windfalls here and there. December The holiday season is a bit nerve wracking this year. You are feeling a little scattered and forgetful. Double-check your event calendar to make sure you don't totally flake on a party you are supposed to attend.

Key Date: Holiday stress reaches a peak for you on December 19th. Everyone and everything is getting on your nerves. Your anxiety levels will be back to normal soon.

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January A problem at work is making it hard for you to sleep at night. Before the insomnia takes over your life, reach out to a boss or mentor who can help you cope with the situation. You don't want this stress to go on indefinitely. Key Date: January 30th is when the insomnia will hit you the hardest. It is advised to take care of the issue as early as possible to nip the problem in the bud. February This is a great month to focus on your family. There may be a younger member of the family son, daughter, nephew, niece, etc.

Give them some extra one-on-one attention that they really need right now.

Birthday Horoscope March 2nd

Key Date: February 23rd is a wonderful day to spend with your family. Communication is going smoothly. Put the harmonious vibes to good use and spend some quality time together. March Work stress overloads your brain this month. It is a good time to use up your vacation days that you have been saving. A trip to a far away land will help you forget about your work-related worries for the short-term. Key Date: Travels around March 21st are the most enjoyable for you and your travel companions.

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Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone to make the most of your vacation. April Luck is on your side this month.

When they become parents, they put their heart and soul into it. They are loving and nurturing, with an understanding of the imaginative world of children. March 2 people are sometimes afflicted with nervous ailments that can be traced to lack of sleep or emotional exhaustion. They often prefer a natural diet that excludes meat, sugar, and dairy products.

Light or moderate exercise is usually enough to keep them feeling fit. People born on this date have many talents. They are analytical and aesthetic and may seek to satisfy both within the boundaries of a career. They like to surround themselves with beautiful things but understand the perils of credit spending. March 2 natives need to display their intellect through practical means.

When March 2 Pisces rallies people based on something that they believe can be done, people sit up and pay attention. Now, keep in mind that this can only go so far. You have to know your limits if you are a Pisces born on this day. Otherwise, your positive traits can actually hold you back. But the problem is when they are faced with all the dirty realities involved in turning an idea into something that you can actually detect with your five senses, they start to pull back.

They start doubting themselves.

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They start believing that however impressive their hopes and dreams may be, it might just take too much work and might take too long to materialize. Not surprisingly, they become depressed. A lot of this really boils down to a deep, profound lack of self-confidence. Of course, this is all in their head because they do have that capacity as long as they believe it.

Try not to take things to emotionally and you will be more successful. This can be quite exhilarating, but it can also be quite unnerving and scary. Neptune can be nurturing and accepting.

Neptune can also involve emotions that are very deep and all-encompassing. With that said, there are certain unreachable, unknowable parts of Neptune that can lead to depression, emotional and even mental instability. They require work. They require effort, sacrifice, and in many cases, pain.

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The lucky color for those born under the 2 nd of March is represented by the color for tomato. Tomato has a deep yet bright red that leads to passion. This says a lot about your personality. Being born within the 2nd March zodiac configuration means you are a Pisces. This is especially painful when it comes to circumstances beyond your control.